HeartLife Meditations

These meditations that Cynthia Wand has created along with her producer, Steve Heap of Vuetone Studios, are another powerfully transformative tool that will literally change the energy within you when used regularly. Scientific studies have proven that words, music, thought, all contain a certain quality of energy and when we focus on those words and concepts that are of a higher vibration we support ourselves in becoming higher frequency beings - beings that can draw to us more love, prosperity, creativity and so much more. But lasting transformation takes place only when you put your life energy into action out into your world.

Use these meditations daily. If you’re needing a certain boost or a negative emotion has you feeling stuck then simply choose a heart quality meditation that fits your needs. Whether at your office or your home, find a quiet place to either sit or lay down and relax into the vibration of your selected meditation. The wonderful music and the message combine to provide an empowering experience that you’ll be able to take with you throughout the day. In ten to twenty minutes, if you listen to the whole track, you’ll be energized with a specific, profound message and will have called your heart into action and you’ll be well on your way to affecting a more positive future outcome for yourself and the lives you touch. 

So allow these meditations and their messages to become part of your daily spiritual inspiration. Allow the heart-qualities to flow through you, as who you are and your life will begin to change and thus you'll transform the world around you!

You can either purchase a single meditation, or two or four or more. The best value by far however is when you purchase the complete collection. You'll save over $44 dollars compared to buying the individual tracks plus you get the MP3 download of Living The HeartLife... Letting Go Of The Hard Life for FREE! So listen to the samples, and get the complete collection today!

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